●Personalized Treatment●

You will discuss with your therapist the condition of your body
and any issues you may have.
She will provide a personalized treatment for your body
target the areas of your body previously discussed.

Service Time Price
Personalized Treatment 50min ¥4,000
Personalized Treatment 80min ¥6,000
Personalized Treatment 110min ¥8,500


●Relaxation Treatment●

You can get a cheaper treatment by a student in training.
She will provide a relaxation treatment to you.

Service Time Price
Relaxation Treatment 50min ¥2,500



Service Day of the week Time

Personalized Treatment

Monday 8:00-17:00
Friday 9:00-18:00
Saturday 8:00-18:00
Sunday 8:00-13:00
Relaxation Treatment Saturday 18:00-22:00
Sunday 13:00-19:00




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